Program for the 9th International Conference on the Lens (ICL) December 10-15, 2023

This conference provides lens researchers with the unique opportunity to meet in a casual atmosphere to exchange the latest breakthroughs in lens research and establish collaborations over meals, while also enjoying the many wonderful activities available in Kona, Hawaii.

The scientific program for the 9th ICL is spearheaded by Dr. Salil Lachke, from the University of Delaware. Program information will be added to this page when available.

Click here for a copy of the last 8th ICL Program.

The Meeting Will Incorporate All Aspects of the Lens and Cataract Formation

Sessions will be organized by Dr. Salil  Lachke and session chairs appointed by the organizing committee, who will in turn invite session speakers. In each session, one slot will be left open, and the final speaker will be selected from the submitted abstracts. In addition to oral presentations, there will be a poster session and a special invited lecture on the impact of cataract on vision. Session / Moderators include:

Session 1: Lens Development / Xin Zhang

Session 2: Lens Cell Biology and Matrix Biology / Cathy Cheng 

Session 3: Omics Approaches in Lens Research / Marc                                     Kantorow, Ales Cvekl

Session 4: Function and Homeostasis of Crystallins / Krishna                         Sharma

Session 5: Lens Fiber Differentiation and    Autophagy /                                   Amer Riazuddin

Session 6: Lens Physiology and Channel Proteins / Tom White,                       Paul Donaldson

Session 7: Physiological Optics and Biomechanics of the Lens                        / Matthew Reilly, Bianca Heilman

Session 8: Biochemisty and Biophysics of Crystallins / Eugene                       Serebry

Session 9: Lens Epithelial and Fiber Biology and Defects / Salil                       Lachke. Velia Fowler 

Session 10: Lens Fibrosis and EMT / Janice Walker

Session 11: Lens Genetics and Cataract / Elena Semina

Session 12: Biology of the Aging Lens and Redox Biology /                                 Xingjun Fan

Session 13: Lens Pathology and Regulatory Pathways / Vasanth                       Rao

Session 14: Pharmacological Approaches to Lens Disease /                               Vincent Monnier

Session 15: Lens Clinical Studies and Treatment / Hiroshi                                 Sasaki, Hiroyuki Matsushima

Session 16: Lens Regeneration and Crosstalk / Katia Del-Rio                             Tsonis

National Foundation for Eye Research

Preliminary Social and Scientific Program ICL 2023

Late Afternoon Welcome Reception followed by  recognition of Cataract Research Awardee and a special invited lecture by MIT Professor Pawan Sinha on "How Restoration of Vision through Cataract Surgery in Children Reveals How Vision Works in the Brain".

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**Evening Social** – Luau dinner and show

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Evening Social – Presentation of the Kinoshita Lecture followed by Conference Banquet

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