Program for the International Conference on the Lens (ICL) December 4 – 9, 2022

This conference provides lens researchers with the unique opportunity to meet in a casual atmosphere to exchange the latest breakthroughs in lens research and establish collaborations over meals, while also enjoying the many wonderful activities available in Kona, Hawaii. Co-Chairs for the 2022 International Conference on the Lens will be our British colleagues:

The theme for this year’s ICL 2022 is Lens Risk, Resilience and Adaption

We will explore

  • The risks experienced by the lens and accommodative system during development and as the eye ages
  • The mechanisms that counter those risks and  provide the resilience of the system to genetic, metabolic, and environmental stresses in order to preserve the structure/function relationship
  • How the lens and its cell complement adapt in response to aging and to surgical interventions designed to preserve optical function

ICL 2020 Sessions are:

Session 1 Chair(s)Lens Development Jeff Gross / TBD
Session 2 Chair(s)Physiological Optics and Biometrics Barbara Pierscionek / Ehsan Vaghefi
Session 3 Chair(s)Architecture and Ultrastructure of the Lens Joe Costello / Cathy Cheng
Session 4 Chair(s)Channels, Barriers, and Fluid Circulation in the Lens Paul Donaldson / Julie Lim
Session 5 Chair(s)Crystallins Kirsten Lampi / Rachel Martin
Session 6 Chair(s)Aging Conditions of the Lens Kevin Schey / TBD
Session 7 Chair(s)Signaling Pathways of the Lens David Li /TBD
Session 8 Chair(s)Autophagy in Lens Differentiation, Maintenance and Disease Mark Kantorow
Session 9 Chair(s)Redox Biology of the Lens Xingjung Fan / TBD
Session 10 Chair(s)Lens Regeneration and Lentoid Michael O’Connor /TBD
Session 11 Chair(s)Large-Scale Data in Lens Research Salil Lachke / TBD
Session 12 Chair(s)TGFβ and Lens Fibrosis Frank Lovicu
Session 13 Chair(s)Lens Matrix Biology Melinda Duncan / Ram Nagaraj
Session 14 Chair(s)PCO Mechanism and Management Michael Wormstone / TBD

Click here for the list of Speakers to date {file:Download}